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The hardest thing that someone could ask anyone to do is to write a review about a product that they know nothing about. Well this happened to me over the weekend. We have a policy here at MasonicGamer.com that if someone takes the time and effort to send us something we will review it.

Friday started like any the other morning; the postman rings the buzzer to the office and a bundle of envelopes drops on my desk. The envelopes contained the usual pre release demos and review code of upcoming games along with a request to sponsor a dog, but there at the bottom of the pile was a thick and heavy envelope. I opened the package to find a large and thick gaming guide, but not just any guide it was BradyGames latest Official guide, The official World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Strategy Guide. Now I am going to hold my hands up here and tell you I have never played WoW so my first thought was that Ed, our PC reviewer, would love to get this guide, I know he plays WoW and has been banging on about the latest DLC all week. Well to cut a long story short my wife went into labour and I ended up not getting the Guide over to my PC reviewer in time for the deadline, so it is left in my hands to talk about a product that I know nothing about.

I do own two BradyGames Official guides; one for Fable 3 and the other is for Gears of War 3. I have found them to be of use for finding all those hard to get hidden gems within the games. The problem I thought I would have with this Guide is I know very little about WoW and even less about WoWs new expansion Mists of Pandaria (unlike Fable and Gears of War which I have played for many years) but that is where my problems ended. A Strategy Guide should be written in a way such that a novice to the game can pick it up and understand what is going on just like a veteran to the series could. Lo and behold the opening pages has an Introduction To World Of Warcraft which offers explanations starting with the basics such as What is an MMO? Then it leads onto General Questions like, Why should I play World of Warcraft, What does WoW have for me, Who will play with me etc… Before a nice section addressing common concerns the funniest of these being, Will I become Addicted?

The first few pages after the questions covers Picking a Realm.  Again things are easy to follow with easy to use guides explaining the realm selection screen and what each realm (Normal, PvP, RP and RP-PVP) means. We then move onto Making Your Character, again everything  is simple to follow. Screenshots are shown on the page with arrows pointing out each section along with an explanation into what each menu does or what you need to complete. For the benefit of this guide to a guide I picked the Monk class. The Making Your Character page has a list of different classes that are available with the expansion and within WoW. From here you just select the class you want and follow the link to the page where you are greeted by a picture of the character, in my case the Monk, and an overview about him/her and all the information one would require to make a educated choice about what class you should choose to suit your needs.

Once you have set up your Character it is time to take your first steps into the game and yet again the Guide is there to hold your hand showing you the controls and the chat log.  From here we move onto action, combat, enemies, loot and inventory screens with each section accompanied by screenshots from the game so that you will never get lost.

The Guide itself is Spread across 400 lavishly designed pages, each page is easy to follow with beautiful artwork from the game adorning every page. The Mists of Pandaria Strategy Guide offers beginner-friendly gaming knowledge to ease new players into the land of Pandaria while providing exhaustive insight into every aspect of the game for master players.

The Guide walks players through every region of Pandaria. From picturesque new starter zones to perilous high-level dungeons, you can tell that BradyGames have thoroughly researched the Guide which reveals insider tips and tricks for every new quest, raid, gameplay modes and player-versus-player challenges, making it the ultimate resource for new players and seasoned World of Warcraft veterans.

The Guide Provides players with in depth class and race guides, detailed maps and stunning artwork upon every page, The Official World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Strategy Guide is a must have for both Horde or Alliance, Novice to Master alike!

The official World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Strategy Guide is available now in Signature Series, RRP of £14.99, and a deluxe Limited Edition format for £19.99 from all good retailers.


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