Could A PS4 Announcement Be Only Weeks Away?


Could a PS4 announcement be only weeks away? According to some that’s very much the case. Let’s get something out of the way first, this isn’t some kind of Masonic Gamer exclusive but I have been browsing the web and some interesting news has been emerging regarding the PS4. It would be silly to turn a blind eye to this kind of news.

The first bit of news comes from the good folks at CVG, I say good folks because as a kid growing up I used to buy the monthly CVG magazine so I have fond memories of all things CVG. According to CVG  two different sources have told them the following information.

A senior games studio source working on an upcoming Sony game says the new system’s controller has undergone numerous iterations, few of which resemble the DualShock build that has become synonymous with PlayStation.

Experiments within Sony’s R&D department are thought to have been extensive. Versions of the new PS4 pad include biometric sensors on the grips and an LCD touch screen, the development source claimed.

The new console – codenamed Orbis – will be revealed in a matter of weeks, not months.

Anyone else getting a Vita vibe after reading that?


Personally I can’t stand the dual shock design, sure it was great in the 90′s but these days it’s easily the most “blocky & square” controller out there. The D-pad sucks, the analogs feel loose, the triggers are crap and require attachments but at least it’s light compared to the Xbox 360 controller. I’m all for Sony redesigning the DualShock, bring back the boomerang.

The code name Orbis isn’t new to me, I personally first heard of it back in November last year when I was on Dual Pixels reading up on all sorts of rumours regarding the next generation. Feel free to check them out here if you enjoy reading rumours that may or may not be true.

Sony is near the middle end part of their Project Orbis, their next generation PS4. It will not be called Playstation 4, teams have started to call the final name as Omni. Omni will reflect their new hardware and content delivery philosophy

Eurogamer is up next with claims that a number of trusted sources have given them all sorts of details of what we can expect from both a PS4 and Xbox 720 from a technical point of view. Again be sure to give them a visit too if you enjoy reading about all things tech related.

Both the next generation PlayStation – and its Xbox competitor – feature eight-core CPUs clocked at 1.6GHz according to sources trusted by Digital Foundry. The main processor architecture driving both consoles is said to be derived the new ”Jaguar” technologycurrently in development by Intel’s arch-rival, AMD. These are low-power processor cores designed for the entry-level laptop and tablet market, offering an excellent ratio between power consumption and performance.

That’s the news from everyone else but what about me? Well I’ve heard all sorts of things too such the Xbox 720 pulling a “Sega Saturn” at E3 which I find rather amusing. To those not in the know, “pulling a Sega Saturn” is going to E3 and announcing that the system is basically already out, oh Sega how we miss you. The games industry just isn’t quiet the same without your crazy antics.

Rather than sit here link you to every different story from all sorts of different sources I’ll tell you this much. True or false there’s no denying that talk of Sony & Microsoft’s next systems is heating up quickly as we approach E3. If you’ve been reading my daily posts then you’ll know that every game ever made is launching in March which I find rather interesting, is everyone trying to get their games out before these systems hit? What’s the big fear of launching after March?


Oh yeah, the Game Developer’s Conference. Could the PS4 debut here?

Splinter Cell Blacklist saw a delay from March to August and there has been talk that Ubisoft wouldn’t place such a big budget title to compete against a new hardware launch. Unless of course Blacklist is also set to launch on the new PS4 or Xbox 720 as a launch title, hmm. Is Splinter Cell Blacklist delay shifting away or closer to the PS4 and Xbox 720 launch? Are we looking too much into this?

The only predictions I’m going to give you is that we will hear about the PS4 and Xbox 720 before E3, Sony will once again “steal” from Nintendo with something that resembles the GamePad and Microsoft will offer up a Kinect 2.

To me it’s all about the games, I don’t care what the hardware is like. I’m sure all three systems including Wii U are capable of pretty visuals, just give me kick ass games all year round. With that said going into E3 I’m more excited about Watch Dogs than I am new hardware.

Source: Computer & Videogames

Source: Eurogamer

Source: Dual Pixels 


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