Play the Second Mark of the Ninja Text Adventure


When Klei Entertainment first announced their upcoming XBLA title, Mark of the Ninja, they gave fans a short text adventure to survive before they could watch the trailer. It was a fun piece of marketing that brought many back to the days of Fighting Fantasy books and choose-your-own adventures.

Now, as we aproach the game’s September 7th launch, we get a new video showcasing the opening sequence. However, there’s a new adventure to survive before you can enjoy it. This one is longer, has more choices, and gives a better insight into the philosophy of ninja life. It sounds as though Klei have done a lot of research into the mysterious clan of assassins, and we’re all hoping it pays off in the final game.

Check out the adventure HERE

Want to hear more about Mark of the Ninja? Listen to our interview with Klei Entertainment’s Nels Anderson HERE


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