Pokédex 3D Pro Impressions


Pokédex 3D Pro arrives tomorrow to replace the original but is it worth the price tag? We’ll find out in my impressions preview. The new pro upgrade comes some new features and it’s overall a more complete package than the first version it’s insane price tag will leave you scratching your head.

I’ve been out of the Pokémon loop since the 90′s, I loved Pokémon Red & Blue, I collected the trading cards, watched the TV show, did battle on Pokémon Stadium and still think Pokémon Snap is a cool game that should get a sequel on Wii U. I even saw the first movie and yeah it’s really bad but I still like it. As of 2012 my interest in Pokémon basically boils down to waiting on that 3D console Pokémon game that for some reason Nintendo refuses to make.

Pokédex 3D Pro unlike the original actually does what it says on the tin and is a full on Pokédex where you can view 3D models of all the Pokemon in existence. Previously the original was designed as a Pokémon Black & White Pokédex meaning old favourites like Pikachu were no where to be seen, in fact what’s the point in a Pokédex when many of the Pokémon are missing.

The Pokémon line up sure has grown since I last checked, gone are the days of 151 Pokémon and we’re now treated to over 600 Pokémon. The Pokédex 3D Pro is pretty impressive in that all of these Pokémon are viewable in 3D, I’m not just talking the stereoscopic 3D but just 3D in general. They all look pretty good too and you have the option to have them perform their own unique animation, there’s also an option to hear their battle cry but it’s still the same old GameBoy sound effect.

pokedex 3d pro

One of features of Pokédex 3D Pro is the challenge mode where it shows you a Pokémon on the top screen and you have to guess which one it is, it won’t come as a shock to anyone that I got every single answer wrong. I tried the second batch of questions which focused on the 151 Pokémon I remember and got them all right so Pokémon to me is may be gone these days but certainly not forgotten.

The main appeal of Pokédex 3D is that it’s full of information that won’t be of use to me but Pokémon fans will love. Earlier I mentioned that you could view any Pokémon in 3D but that isn’t the only feature, the bottom serves to show you all the number stats one could possibly want. Abilities, moves, weight, evolution stages, matchup by type and all sorts of other stats are on display and in this regard Pokédex 3D Pro is a success as even the most die hard fan won’t have much to complain about.

We could stay here all day and break down every little detail of Pokédex 3D Pro but at the end of the day it’s a Pokédex. Sure there’s some AR functions that allow you to take pictures of yourself next to some Pokemon but that isn’t why you might possibly download Pokédex 3D Pro. You’re buying it because you know that a red 3DS and a copy of Pokédex 3D Pro makes you a legit Pokémon trainer just like Ash from the cartoon series

Nintendo were kind enough to send us a code to download Pokédex 3D Pro but to everyone else it’s going to cost you €14.99/£13.49 or about $15-20 for Americans and that’s where the problem is. I understand this is obviously a clear upgrade over the original and they’ve gone through the trouble of rendering over 640 Pokémon but the price just seems too high for my liking. You can get the fantastic Pullbox/Pushmo for less than half of that price but for what it’s worth despite the price Pokédex 3D Pro succeeds at exactly what it sets out to do.

Pokedex 3d pro


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