PSVita Review The Good The Bad and Ugly in 30 seconds

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A quick PSVita Review that should only take you 30 seconds to read, Full PSVita review coming soon.

The Good

Great graphics

The graphics look amazing crisp and clear, the hype was they where on par with the PS3 this is not true with the first wave of launch titles, but they do look amazing I can’t wait to see what developers come out with in the near future.

Great Sound

Apart from the oddly placed speakers (see the Ugly) the sound is great, turn the volume all the way up and it can still be heard above my 2 year old who has a habit of running around the room portending she is a aeroplane, Put a pair of headphones in and the sound comes alive.


The PSVita fits nicely in your hands and the everything feels well designed with comfort in mind, even for me with my above average sized hands I have no problems, the only downside I have found is on FIFA football where my fingers will hit the back touch panel and I end up taking random Shoots.


The Bad


My PSVita is constantly on charge the battery will last around 3-4hrs when fully charged, on the plus side the PSVita only takes around 30mins for a full charge to be completed.

Game Loading Times

I have been playing Wipeout 2048 since launch it’s an excellent game but I don’t want to wait 2mins plus for it to load each level every time I want to race.

Memory Cards

You have to buy a memory card when you buy a PSVita make sure you budget for it, and you have to have an official SONY or should I say $ONY PSVita memory card which are heavily over priced.

Download Times

I have Fast broadband (BT Infinity) and get around 38down and 10Up but for some reason it takes around 40min-1hr to download just over a 1Gb of data from the Playstation Store.

Lack of HTML 5 or Flash

Same old problem the web browser as no HTML 5 or Flash support so if a website you like to visit as youtube videos on it they will not load, I hope Sony sort this out in a future update.

Over Priced Games

The games in the high street stores vary from £29.99 – £40.00 and the games on the Playstation Store start from £4.99 up to £39.99, my personal believes are that a digital copy should be around £20 max after all you don’t have any of the extra costs that High Street stores have.

Random Lockups

I have had my PSVita Lockup on me twice since getting it, it tends to happen while i’m downloading and trying to open other apps at the same time. You can restart the Vita by holding in the Power Button for 20secs and a menu will appear where you can Restart your PSVita. A quick google search showed me I am not the only person this is happening too and Sony Know about the problem.


The Ugly

Not so much ugly but why does sony insisted on putting the speakers right where your hands will cover them? They did it on the Sony Tablet S and now they have done it on the PSVita.



I love the Vita, ok it has it’s faults and I feel it is over priced at the moment, but as always give it a coupe of weeks and I am sure the price will come down, also if you shop around you can find some excellent deals. I got a WIFI PSVita 8GIG Memory card and Wipeout for £249.

Really looking forward to what is to come on the Vita, at the moment there is not a killer original game and I don’t think we have seen the best from the graphics.

But in saying all the above if you have the money go and buy one it won’t disappoint.



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