Run a Minecraft: Pocket Edition Server with PocketMine-MP

Minecraft PE City

It seems that developers are constantly trying to bring people together in Minecraft. Just the other day we found out about a centralized lobby system for Minecraft PC, and now we have some good news for fans of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, too: By downloading a new program called PocketMine-MP, players can create a server on their PC and host their world on it, allowing for true online play.

Up until this point, playing multiplayer Minecraft: PE meant sitting near the person you wished to join and helping with their world. Now, worlds can be created for everyone to join whenever they please, which is the way Minecraft is supposed to be played (if you ask me). You can even install plugins, if you’re into that sort of thing. Unfortunately, it only works with creative mode at the moment, but survival mode is being worked on.

Set-up sounds simple, with the only requirement being the installation of PHP. If you’ve got that, you’re good to go, on PC, Mac or Linux. Of course, the bigger the server you wish to host, the better the computer you’re going to need, but it’s not as resource-heavy as a real Minecraft server. Unfortunately, since my PC is ancient, I won’t be hosting one any time soon, but if you’ve got one, I’d love to check it out. Download the software HERE.

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Via: Droid Gamers


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