Sony Are Racing Into the Lead


With Microsoft keeping schtum on their next console Sony are taking all the thunder. As our current console cycle comes round to closing time, it seems that in many ways Sony lost the race with the PS3. Coming out after the 360, and unclear on what it’s edge was over the Xbox 360, it was like the PS3 never hit its stride.

This time it feels like the tide is turning for Sony, or that perhaps it already has. The PS4 has been announced first and there is still a few really exciting looking exclusives to come for the PS3 this year, The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls, both highly anticipated.

Not only that but the Vita is not the forgotten embarrassment certain fanboys would have you believe, currently enjoying a resurgence as the go to platform for many indie titles. Sony is actively courting smaller indie developers to help bolster the Vita’s library of games, a potential back catalogue to rival Apples own Apple Store iOS titles. Hell at least the console has buttons! This lovely article sums up what Sony is doing right this time:

Perhaps the PS4 press reveal was mainly a rehash of the better graphics, more power mantra that we have all heard before, but there were a few moments that made me prick my ears up in interest. I really like the streaming game service idea. This gives me an opportunity for me to catch up on the PS3 titles that I have missed out on by choosing the 360 as my console this generation.

This is all speculative because for all we know Microsoft have something clever hidden up their sleeve for the next Xbox, but currently Sony have won me back. I do realise that I haven’t mentioned Nintendo, but they don’t even seem to be trying to impress anyone anymore.


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