TETSUJI’S SHADOW Mark Of The Ninja Fan Film


Tetsuji’s Shadow is a fan-made, live-action film, based on the game “Mark of the Ninja” by Klei Entertainment.  It’s a filmic homage to the beautiful work that so many people have done to make the game great!  If you like “Mark of the Ninja,” action games, Splinter Cell, Batman, ninjas, explosions, sword combat, or any combination thereof, you’ll LOVE this film!


The ninja clan, “Hisomu” has defended their traditions and culture for many years.  When an evil corporation plots to destroy the clan, an unnamed ninja is sent on a quest to put an end to the threat.


Empowered by toxic tattoos made with ink from a magical flower, our ninja hero has been chosen to bear the marks of the champion ninjas before him- including Tetsuji, the greatest ninja to ever live.

The tattoos give the bearer great powers and abilities, but they will also drive him mad.  That’s why every ninja vows to end his own life when his quest is complete.

Help Make This Film Become a Reality

Films are fun to make, but no matter how crafty you are, they still cost money.  Things like batteries, equipment rental, gas, and food for the crew all have a price.

YOU can help fund the project!  That’s right, you can pledge a little bit of money to our INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN to help us make a killer ninja film that will go down in history.  We even have some awesome perks to make it worth your while!

For more info on the movie or see how you could help fund this movie please visit http://www.tetsujisshadow.com/


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