Video Gaming Olympics


The Olympic Games are now in full swing, but if like me you would rather be gaming then watching prancing horses then why not run your own in game, video gaming olympic games.

Below you will find a list of events that you can set up within some of the top video games from BF3 to MineCraft.

Battlefield 3 Hide and Seek. Get yourself a group of gaming friends, turn on team kill, decide who seeks and the others hide, eliminate the hiders via killing them, the fastet time to kill all hiders gets gold.

Forza or Gran Turismo Backward Racing. Ready Steady GO, turn them cars around and reverse around the track, first one across the finish line wins GOLD

Halo Reach Synchronised Jet Packing, A great team event, fire up them Jet Packs and put on a synchronised display, Gold is awarded for the most complex display.

MineCraft Triathlon. 3 events Swimming, Running and in the case of MineCraft Pig Racing or Rowing, 2 heats, 1 set in the day and 1 at night. Really good fun if you take a little time to set up your course, why not set some traps along the way for extra fun.

I wonder how long it will be before Video Gaming is an Olympic Event?

What other events could we included in our Video Gaming Olympics? Let us know below or on our Facebook Page




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