Special Forces Team X (Xbox 360)

Special Forces Team X PC Xbox 360
8 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Multiplayer: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10

Graphics are great and the Gameplay keeps you coming back for more.

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What happens when you take Call Of Duty, Gears of War and mix in the art style of Borderlands? You come out with Special Forces Team X.

Special Forces Team X (STX) is a team centric 3rd Person cover based shooter, featuring brutal firefights between elite squads of special force operatives. STX takes place in tomorrow’s world, one that is infested with conflicts amongst the geo-political power brokers. A world in which conventional warfare is dead, diplomacy is an affront to the hidden agenda of national objectives, and global strategy is accomplished using clandestine military power.

Special Forces Team X The Video Review

Special Forces Team X Game Play

As the player joins a server he enters the map voting screen. The player grabs the opportunity to shape the battlefield the way he needs it to be in order to gain the advantage in the match. So he selects a construction site for the left tile, a warehouse in the middle tile and Barge Inlet tile for the right side. The player gets his left and center tile pick, but the other players have selected a water treatment plant for the right tile. Overall the map tile selection is something that benefits the player; it’s a great mix of long and close range arenas.

Special Forces Team X PC Xbox 360

The player spawns, and in the HUD he can see that the gametype is four team deathmatch, so he quickly locates the three other players on his team. He knows from experience that staying together as a group will be the best way to survive the longest. He will also receive a Team Bonuses from what he and his team mates do together, such as assisting kills or killing enemies. Suddenly a group of enemies approach, the player decides to take cover behind the closest barrier in front of him – just in time, as the enemy opens up with a Minigun, emptying the drum into the concrete barrier. The Minigun, the enemy had found in one of three weapon depots in the map. When the dust cloud clears, the player sees a team member take a few shots and hit the ground. As the revive icon appears above the injured team member, the player vaults over the concrete barrier into a flat-out sprint – camera shaking and dust flying. When he reaches the injured teammate, the player presses up on the D-Pad and revives him. When the player gets up on two feet, the camera and player character rotates, as a ferocious Doberman jumps on him and kills him in one brutal bite to the neck. The player drops to the ground, lifeless, with a weak stream of blood pouring out of his neck… The camera switches back to the one who killed the player, and respawn is available.

Special Forces Team X PC Xbox 360

The player respawns – seeking revenge. He sprints back to the area where he was killed, through a spider web of bullet tracers, when suddenly an airstrike explodes just in front of him. The player does not back down, but vaults over a barrier and runs out of the smoke. On the other side of the thick smoke the killer stands with his back to the player. The player runs up behind him, holds the melee button, and winds up for an attack. The player character changes to his pistol, grabs the enemy neck, shoots him in the back, slams him on the ground and continues to shoot as blood and debris are splatted all on and around him. The player switches back to his FAMAS and heads back to his team. This is the brutal and competitive experience of Special Forces: Team X.

Special Forces Team X PC Xbox 360

Overall I have found Special Forces Team X to be a great game and anyone who loves Call of Duty, Spec Ops The Line or Gear of War will feel right ar home on the battlefield. With the 5 Game modes available Team Death Match, Control Points, Capture the Flag, Hot Zone and High Value Target alongside the Licensed Armory which include the AK-47, Famas and SigSauer 556 there is something for any shooter fan to get there teeth into.

Special Forces Team X PC Xbox 360

Special Forces Team X is available right now on XBLA (Xbox 360) for 1200 microsoft points or on PC via steam.


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